The first way to start making high quality DIY projects is to have a workshop which has all of the vital pieces of woodworking equipment, including all of the necessary tools. There are a few basic tools which any workshop needs.

The most important tools that you Need

There are hundreds of different tools that you could buy when you look around your home hardware store. Many DIY experts will own almost all of these tools, however you don’t have to start off owning everything! There are some specific types of tool that you will need to buy for any DIY project. With five basic tools it is possible to make virtually anything you need.

The first most important tool that you need is a circular saw. This can be used to cut straight lines and curved cuts. It’s possible to create a work surface if you put a board across the top of two saw stands.

For larger projects you might also need a table saw or radial saw. If you can then I would suggest that you go for a model that rotates so that you can cut miter cuts. This is especially important if you plan on making any furniture or picture frames.

Next you should consider a sander, if you’re like me then you don’t really enjoy manual labor. In which case you might want to consider buying an electric sander. This makes it very easy to do sanding work to a professional level without any sweat and tears! This is essential to prepare strips of wood and to sand down table tops.

You also need to buy a router. These are very useful tools which allow you to make very intricate and beautiful patterns fairly easily. You can create a number of different styles by using these tools.

The fifth tool that you need is some form of knife sharpener or grinding wheel. These will make life easier when you have a blunt saw. Blades need to be maintained in order to be accurate and produce a professional cut. Grinding wheels can assist with this regular maintenance.

Buying well trusted brands

There are a number of different manufacturers which produce these types of hand tools, however you may prefer to stick to well known companies so that they are reliable. Popular makes include Rockler, Ryobi, Sears Craft man, Hitachi, and Makita. These brands all supply different priced tools, however by sticking to one of these you are more sure that you will be able to get a quality tool which will last a long time.

Buying more

When you have all the basic tools that you need you don’t have to just stop buying. You can add to your collection slowly as and when you think you need the extra tools. There are some small pieces of equipment such as glue guns and clamps which although fairly inexpensive greatly improve your work. You could also consider buying electric nail guns, jigs and other power tools.

By far the best way to work is by ensuring that your workshop is organized in the best possible way. The first thing you should start doing is building a workbench.

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