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When a person finds termites in his house, he naturally wonders if these insects are dangerous to humans. However, in any case you should call Arizona Termite Control Company when you noticed these insects in your house.

Of all the types of termites, only soldiers bite. Sharp massive mandibles-mites, which can sometimes terrify a person. However, termites use them only to protect the nest from ants and to resolve territorial disputes with other termites.

The termite will not attack you, but if you want to destroy its nest, only then will it show aggression and bite you. Termites do not consider human body and skin as food.

Termites are not carriers of dangerous diseases and infections. However, contact with them will leave painful skin itching and burning. In addition, as you know, termites do not live very cleanly and can carry bacteria on their bodies.

Termites also love a humid climate, which makes it clear that mold is an ideal environment for fungus to grow and develop. Termites can carry the remains and bits of mold on their bodies. If a person breathes mold for a long time, then there may be a problem with the respiratory tract. Termite inspections will prevent such bad consequences.

The main enemies of termites

This factor is also based on where in the world termites live. In some areas, birds, bees, frogs, centipedes, cockroaches, foxes, bears, mice and other insects are dangerous for malicious termites.

The worst enemies are ants. That is why termites create entire armies (castes) so that in the event of an attack by ants, they can fight back. And even worse than the ants, there are insect control companies that exterminate termites to the last to ensure you a comfortable and safe living.