The garage structure is characterized by special operating conditions for the floor covering. With regular mechanical stress from a heavy vehicle. Not every material can cope with such action of various chemicals and high humidity. It is not surprising that in recent years, a polymer coating has become increasingly popular and most of the car owners use garage floor epoxy service.

Pouring polymer floor in the garage is quite an expensive event, although such a floor covering has a number of positive features. Including resistance to chemical attack, wear, low temperatures, vibration, combustion. Go to and read more about the best characteristics.

The most popular garage solutions are epoxy and polyurethane coatings by Utah Epoxy Company, which last up to 45 years. It should be understood that any self-leveling mixture allows you to get a practical and durable coating. The epoxy forms a durable, seamless finish that does not accumulate dust, dirt or mold. Mainly with high strength and abrasion resistance. Accordingly, the most preferred variety can be selected based on your own preferences and the optimal balance between quality and cost of coverage.

A self-leveling garage floor is a safer type of coating than concrete, since it adheres better to the tires of the car in any weather. In addition, it does not get wet and does not freeze. An anti-slip coating can be used to further improve the safety of the garage floor and performing markings across the entire thickness of the floor.

Self-leveling epoxy is applied to new, old, cracked or damaged concrete floors to create a smooth, seamless, durable and low maintenance surface. The coating thickness is usually 1.5-5 mm. Such coatings can be tinted in different colors, they can also be applied with decorative effects, designation of traffic patterns or highlighting work areas in an industrial environment.

Photo by Mike Birdy from StockSnap