In-Demand Services

In-Demand Services
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Dayton Pest Control services may be required in different situations. This is an organization that helps to get rid of a population of small rodents, insects, pests, parasites, fungi and animals that can annoy you.

The most popular services


Comprehensive measures aimed at the destruction of pathogens of infectious diseases and the prevention of their further reproduction process are called disinfection. There are preventive, current, final measures of disinfection. The first one is necessary regardless of the epidemiological situation, it includes periodic wet cleaning with the help of cleaning agents and detergents. It can be performed by both employees of the enterprise and specialists. The second is performed when a focus of infection is detected in the premises. It is mandatory for infectious departments of hospitals. The final disinfection is prescribed after the removal of foci of infections — plague, cholera, tuberculosis, coronavirus. It is performed by a special team of disinfectants. It is produced after the recovery or death of an infected person.


The procedure for destroying ants, cockroaches, bedbugs and other insects is called disinsection. It is carried out by means of special equipment by mechanical, chemical or biological methods.


A set of measures aimed at the destruction of rats, mice, voles and other rodents is called deratization. There are several ways to perform it: with the help of traps, snares, rodenticides, gaseous poisons. There is a whole list of objects where it is mandatory to hold it: food industry enterprises, catering, residential buildings, hotels, medical institutions, public utility facilities, customs terminals, and airports, train stations, etc.


It turns out that if you have insects, you need to contact Dayton Pest Control and order a disinsection service, if someone becomes sick , order disinfection, if rodents appear, opt for deratization. In general, just describe your problem to experts, and they will help you find ways to solve it.