Choosing a floor covering: think in advance

Which floor is better to choose for an apartment
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

The market offers for arranging apartment floor are so diverse that it is not easy to make a choice. To quickly navigate, we advise you to use a simple trick. Determine which characteristics of the material from Flooring Stores Houston should be the main ones for you according to at least 3 criteria: interior solution, room features and installation conditions.

Block parquet

These are dies made of solid pieces of wood of a small size – they are convenient to use where there is a complex floor configuration. The fewer defects in raw materials (chips, knots), the higher the quality and nobler appearance. But wood with flaws looks rustic and cozy and has high design capabilities. Parquet from Flooring Stores Austin pleases with its aesthetic appearance and can keep it for decades, however, if it is well looked after.

Parquet board

Cheaper than parquet, because only the top layer is made of valuable wood, while the bottom and middle layers are made of softwood. But the look is no less decorative, and the composition is completely natural and environmentally friendly. Heat insulating material. It serves perfectly for 20 or more years without any special worries on the part of the hostess. Great choice is in Flooring Showroom Houston.

Massive board

The board is loved by designers for its expressive texture, it is warm to the touch, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. It will serve for over 40 years and  has good heat and sound insulation. Installation is easier than other wood flooring.

The choice of flooring is one of the most important tasks when carrying out repair work. The modern building materials market can confuse almost any buyer, especially an unprepared person. Some types of coatings are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, others – for bedrooms and halls. But still, the decision is yours, so think well what you like best.