Remember your mother always berated you about cleaning your room? Now, as an adult, you will actually have to do it. Cleaning your room is more than just occasionally dusting. At least twice each year, especially when the holidays come around, you will need to thoroughly clean your room to get rid of all the dust and debris that gather for better part of the year. Here are a few tips on how to clean your room:

Start with the Ceiling

Dust also gathers on the ceiling, along with cobwebs and insect cocoons, especially in the summer. When you start cleaning, you should always start from top to bottom. Because when you remove cobwebs or dust mites from the ceiling, some will of course fall down. Get a vacuum cleaner with a long suction pipe and take it to the ceiling before doing anything. Don’t forget to dust and vacuum any ceiling fans or lights.

Scrub the Flooring

The flooring is the hardest part to clean, because it tends to gather dust, which causes discolorations on the surface, Now, if you have a ceramic tiles or linoleum, you can easily use bleach to thoroughly clean it all. However, for almost all other material, you might have to rent a floor polisher machine to get rid of all stains. Tile materials such as granite or terrazzo are the hardest to clean and will take some effort on your part.

Dust Furniture Twice

If you haven’t cleaned in a while, you will need to do dusting twice. First, use the vacuum cleaner on tables, chairs and everything else. Then, use a Lysol wet wipe or something similar to wipe all the surfaces to remove any clingy dirt and disinfect. Use cleaning material suitable for the surface. For example, bleach is fine if you have plastic furniture, but not wooden furniture.

Get All the Nooks and the Crannies

Don’t forget to vacuum or wipe window sills, jamb liners, top of doors, tops of shelves that are high up or any other surface that is jutting out and can gather dust. Doing so will also help you to spot small peelings of paint, dents in the finish and similar small things that need maintenance. You might want to rent special items like the floor polisher machine to help you clean better.

For cleaning, it’s always best to use normal tap water initially before adding any harsh cleaners. Always double check that the cleaners you use are suitable for the material you intend to clean. Your annual cleaning sessions will be much easier if you regularly vacuum your room.