Instead of telling you all the ins and outs of how to care for you Bonsai tree, the different styles, the techniques, the why and the when…let me just take you into the feeling of Bonsai and give you some idea as to why most Bonsai gardeners are addicts!

You would have to have been living under a rock not to have heard something about Bonsai trees. The western world has taken to the techniques of Bonsai with a vengeance since being introduced to the skill by the Japanese many generations ago. They in turn picked it up from the Chinese who possibly first came across it in India. But it was the Japanese that we credit with turning the skill into an art form.

The newcomer to Bonsai could well be tempted to give up before they even start given the seemingly overwhelming amount of information. There are styling rules, pruning rules watering rules, repotting rules….the list goes on and on. But to get bogged down in the intricacies of the how to information is to miss the point of why the hobby has taken such a hold.

There is a uniqueness to Bonsai trees that is hard to describe. Their tiny size and indefinable beauty transport you to a completely different perspective, a place of peace and tranquillity where “chill out” is the word of the day. The noise and tension of the day drain away and you experience a feeling that has to be felt to be understood. Its even better when those Bonsai plants have been groomed by you!

To spend time with a Bonsai plant caring for it, shaping it, feeding and watering it, is to gradually enter into a kind of meditation. The world is shut out while you study the form of the tree, visualizing the shape you wish to coax your tree into and planning the small steps needed to achieve your aims. There is much to learn, there is much to practice… but the pay off is priceless. Once you have had some small successes with your Bonsai you are in danger of becoming addicted! But then so what! There are far worse things in this world to become addicted to than the harmless and beautiful world of Bonsai trees.

You have to put in the time and care to achieve your end result. However the thing about Bonsai is that it is the time spent that is the addiction! That is what calms the spirit, the doing not the getting.

However before you can loose yourself in this type of meditation you need to learn some basic skills. Select the type of Bonsai trees that you want to grow and set yourself up with some good quality Bonsai supplies. There is ample Bonsai literature available both for the beginner and the experienced and your Bonsai trees will look even more beautiful in an interesting pot and perhaps on a display table.

You will be rewarded with endless pleasure and satisfaction for life if you get a few basics in place in the beginning.