Just being able to do what they want when it comes to decorating your room. Here you can get more for their next single, show their personality through their choice of a color that best matches. Some ideas, such as the following may be helpful:

Try to look inward, to look abroad through the use of a palette of brown and green tones that seem fresh leaves, green and earth. It keeps in touch with nature. It was also the beauty that lies outside the natural world.

Black and white is a sophisticated combination of all. With all its walls and floors are white pearl, you can check in stylish black, with the addition of furniture and curtains.

The best way to stay in touch with nature is the use of blue and white, two colors of the beach. That would be the ideal combination to see if they live near the beach to go. But do not overdo it, because in each attachment is relevant only to the beach.

If you have trouble choosing a color, but it could also go with a few different colors that look good when combined. For the background, make sure you choose a neutral color to blend with the rest of the shadow.

White on white is a combo that is super cool too. However, you can experiment with different shades of white and different textures to improve it.

What is the color red seems to symbolize for you? For people who usually have mixed feelings, such as aggression or Romanticism. Therefore, depending on how you look, you can use or not.