Color plays an important role in an organization or office or at home. And he did paint the floor. When you choose a color scheme, you need to paint the specific needs of the area just to make it work. There are three types, namely paints based on epoxy resin, oil, and latex home design information.

If the paint in the garage or in the kitchen and other areas subject to components evenly moist, acid, epoxy is better recommendations. Epoxy is the most durable. It may take more time and that the sudden deterioration of soil erosion and protect. It is also resistant to the accumulation of oil. It is recommended that if the application of epoxy paint, garage or clean grease from the surface thoroughly to get the best results of color. In addition, the surface oil-based smooth and shiny, and is better connected with polyurethane for durability. Please note that the application of urethane, to allow at least 48 hours to dry before covering it with urethane.

Oil paintings are best for interior and exterior surfaces of concrete or wood. Meanwhile, latex paints are specifically designed to provide a decorative surface, inside and outside the home and providing masonry industry. Can be used on wood, metal or concrete surfaces cousins. It is fast drying with less odor. When buying paint for the field, it was recalled the following advice: choose the type of surface to paint, color paint, and ventilation of the room where the paint is applied. If you are unsure of the correct color to choose, ask for help, or have an expert in painting with you.


  • What material is best for covering a veranda? The most suitable material for the floor of the veranda is considered a larch board, since it has many positive characteristics:

    • not susceptible to mold, insects, fungi, and moisture;
    • has a beautiful woody structure;
    • it is easy to process with protective compounds.

             Another practical option may be to use an artificial floor material such as decking (see on, it is especially suitable for an open veranda.

    Materials for the roof can be very different: corrugated board, glass or colored polycarbonate, thanks to which you can give the roof a domed shape. The choice is yours.