Today there are numerous different styles of decorative solar lighting one can choose from to help enhance the look of your garden. Even if you do not have a garden just a terrace or a balcony this form of outside solar lighting can help to bring it to life for you.

In this article we are going to be taking a look at some of the different kinds of outside solar lighting one can now use to decorate and enhance your garden.

  1. Terracotta Sphere Solar Lantern – To add a touch of ambience to an outdoor living space then these forms of decorative solar lighting are ideal. Can be placed either around the edges of your patio or decking or on tables. Each sphere comes with shapes cut out of the sides which produce a silhouetted lighting effect.
  2. The Firefly Solar Light – A stainless steel stake on top of which sits a hand blown beautiful cracked glass globe which you can then place anywhere in your garden. At night the lights after charging during the day emit a pale glow and are often used to form decorative lighting to planted areas of the garden. But can also be used as a way of allowing people to see obstacles in the garden as well.

These forms of decorative solar lighting provide the area where placed with a warm subtle glow to it. These are ideally used in areas of the garden which generally look drab and dull to add more color to them.

  1. A Floating Solar Light – This form of decorative solar lighting comes in a number of different colors and it is this which will be the color you see reflected on the water. The gently float on the water and during the day the solar panel collects energy from the sun which it then converts to power to run the light within. These are not only very easy to install and get set up but cost you nothing to run once they are.
  2. Rock Solar Lights – This type of outside solar lighting can be placed anywhere you want in a garden and provide a warm soft glow when they come on. They can be used as a way of marking a path in the garden or to highlight the steps up to a paved or decked area. You could even use these lights as way as highlighting the features of any particular plant or plants within your garden.
  3. Solar Powered Stepping Stone Light – This is not only a great looking form of decorative solar lighting but can be used as a safety feature in the garden as well. Use these lights for being able to show people the pathways in your garden at the rear and which are away from the lights of your house. Around each of the lights there is a solar panel that collects energy from the sun in the daytime and then releases the energy to power the light contained with once night has come.

These lights and all the outside decorative solar lighting we have mentioned in this article is very easy to install and use. Plus the cost of actually running them once they are installed is nothing. Most of the solar lights available today especially those we have mentioned here will automatically turn themselves on and off. On average these types of lights as long as they have collected enough energy from the sun will last for around 8 to 10 hours without the need for any external power source.