There are many mistakes to go home, make the image, especially when it comes to color wood. It is likely to require most of the time, much less the most sensitive of all materials to the original painting. The wood in a house is usually represented by the doors, baseboards, and more.

What you do before taking a picture of yourself at home for wood that is already present, or watching paint or polyurethane varnish must. Many owners believe, just down the bare wood, but it is not necessary unless this layer is invalid. If the color change, in this case, simply rub with sandpaper, so you can get the surface ready for painting.

Does not reach the background level with the product that is used for the upper layer. The purpose of a first layer on the surface, which acts as a binder in the surface layer to prepare the surface. Therefore, the source color and is called “builders of the platform”.

To reach for the hands (matt, gloss or semi-gloss) purchase of materials and color quality, independent of the choice of the final coating. Reach colors that are environmentally friendly and water. You can choose good quality enamel, which may mark the award, as high-quality products to produce quality work.

Another fundamental mistake that people can do when I get home from the hardware store to paint the wood of the poor quality brush. Do not use broken sticks to find a soft brush and made it today with brushes made from synthetic materials and large, both for oil or water-based paints.

For those who are just starting your home experience of painting, it is recommended, a blade of 65 mm. With this type of brush-covered all the bases.

Another thing to consider is that the color in the family routine wooden steps to ensure that nothing can go wrong. These measures can be taken as described above: surface preparation, applying the first coat, then finish.

But it could also be your system and repeat the whole time to make sure we missed nothing. Home painting is really on repetition and after some time is “very easy to end so that no one was neglected.