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Due to the re-equipment of the basement, you can get additional space, furnishing a gym, a billiard room, a game room, equipping a living area and so on. The first thing that comes to mind after thinking about such an upgrade, how much this action will cost. In order to get an answer to this question, it is necessary to make a project and calculate all the costs. You can do it yourself, having at least some idea of construction. Utah Basement Company can help you with this decision.

First of all, you need to answer a few questions:

Is the basement, which you decided to turn into a residential area dry enough to stay? If the answer is yes, other problems are not so difficult to solve. But if the groundwater is high and the basement is damp, the walls are covered with mold or fungus, then the costs will significantly increase.

What is the height of the basement? If it is 2500 mm, the basement is suitable for any room. If it is below 2500 mm, then you can make a tennis or a billiard room, a sauna or a gym there.

Are there any windows in the basement? There is no need to have the window; the main point is a place where it could be inserted. The minimum width of the window of the dwelling should be 900 mm. It is possible, of course, to make an opening with an electric hammer, but the overwhelming majority of the walls in the basement are carrying, which will make it difficult to resolve this issue.

Even well-insulated basement walls are exposed to moisture under the influence of humidity in the soil, groundwater during the period of melting snow or heavy rain.

Do not forget that frost is the biggest threat to wet cellars. Wet soils always increase in volume and press the walls. Therefore, waterproofing should be made with excellent quality and protected from damage.

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